The inspiration for this post is a secret. But know this:  a life was cut tragically short and it prompted me to really think about how I’ve been moving in my own life. The universe whispers reminders to be grateful and I confess, sometimes, I am not paying attention. These last few weeks, I’ve held my hands up, not knowing what to do and how to take steps in my own struggles. The particulars I won’t reveal here, but  I am consciously aware that I am forgetting the simplicity and the essence of what it means to live. I think we all reach the empty place where we are fueling our own anxiety and complaining about the minutiae of daily life. I’ve noticed my own propensity to not be satisfied with the way things are wishing for and always wanting better and best. It’s a futile exercise because it leads to living a life that spits on gratitude, instead of embracing the light that is in and around you. In certain ways I’ve commanded myself to stand in the darkness  because it is more convenient to complain, rather than acknowledge the beauty that moves in and around me.

The first step in trying to step into the light is to acknowledge those that you love. How often do you tell your Mom and Dad that you love them? Your spouse? Your children? Your friends? A dear friend texted me the words “Love ya” yesterday and in an instant the day became better, lighter, and more full of purpose. Everyday, I believe, we are all seeking affirmation and roaming around looking for it.

The easiest way to live your life like you mean it – Say I love you. To those who mean the world to you. It will remind you of the light.