“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.” Omar Khayyam

Last week on the drive to my daughter’s school, I made my daily phone call to my Mom. For me, it’s a simple form of comfort. Our conversations are brief and we talk about random moments: my mom’s trip to the grocery store, her dinner plans, and of course,  a story about her granddaughter. After sharing the mundane, my mom asked me an unexpected question.

“Are you happy, Rudri? Your recent posts are colored with sadness. Don’t you want to focus on happiness?” She said this in a single breath, without pausing, hesitating, or wondering how I would react to this question.

To be honest, this observation and question took me by surprise. Her conversation prompted me to reflect on happy moments. She is right. There are slices and fragments of happiness that fill my day. Perhaps, she is my reminder, to really concentrate on letting go of sadness and dwell on happiness. These are some of my moments of happiness.

Happiness is the smell of coffee brewing while early morning light slivers through the window.

Happiness is the silence of a morning run while the sun rises behind the mountains.

Happiness is the random unexpected “I love you Momma” that happens so many times a day that I’ve lost count.

Happiness is brie, crackers, and a glass of Riesling.

Happiness is the sound of an old friend’s voice.

Happiness is realizing on some days that you are enough.

Happiness is singing Paradise by Coldplay as loud as you want in your car down the freeway.

Happiness is reading Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf, but also skimming the pages of US Weekly.

Happiness is a game of Words With Friends. Even when I am losing.

Happiness is writing a perfect sentence.

Happiness is a girl’s night out with my favorite group of gals.

Happiness is dinner with my family.

Happiness is a good night’s sleep.

Happiness is when my daughter heard John Lennon sing Imagine and declaring, “He’s a good singer Momma.”

Happiness is hearing your Mom’s voice everyday.

Thank you Mom. For reminding me and urging me to focus on happiness. Because those are the moments one must fully realize.