Last week marked two years in this space. Two years. It is amazing to me.

This blogging adventure started as a way to channnel my grief about my father. There are days when the sadness outweighs the goodness.The grief is always there. It doesn’t disappear. But because I write about my father and grief, I honor and keep him alive. And that reminds me of all the beauty in my own world, despite the lingering echo of sadness. It gives me permission to write about all of the goodness.

A sincere thank you to all of you. For reading. For commenting. For emailing me. For clicking like on Facebook. For telling me in person that my words made an impression on you. It matters. It makes me feel less alone in my sadness and happiness.

A special thanks to the blogging community. You rock. Each and every one of you.

Ultimately, we all want to connect. For someone to say you matter.

Thank you for letting me matter.

With xoxo, Rudri


Image by real.heightz