I am fiercely overprotective of my daughter’s schedule, wanting her to have free time to do what brings her a sense of joy and amazement. Last week, I watched as she jumped to do yoga with my husband. As soon as he laid out the blue green blanket, she asked, “Can I do yoga with you Daddy?” Of course, my husband couldn’t meet her question with any resistance. He spent almost forty minutes, teaching her various poses, downward dog, warrior pose, and stretches that come with this practice.

Her sense of glee and happiness filled me up. She smiled in-between poses, asking her Daddy, “Am I doing it right?” Periodically, she reminded me that she was doing yoga with her other best friend. It was an impromptu moment, something that was born out of her watching and wanting to participate. I wondered, “What if I had something scheduled at this time? Would she miss out on something she might truly love in the future? think happen when we are not paying attention. When we aren’t looking out for it. Or when it isn’t scheduled.  I think children are the same. There minds are filled with the innocence of first looks and I believe they often respond to the universe whispering to them.

This was something that wasn’t required or scheduled. And I think that amazement she displays on her face, is reflective of  what is so pure and wondrous about this stretch of love.


Are you often surprised what fills your kids with amazement?