I’ve always loved watching sports. As a sixteen year old girl, I still remember Sunday afternoons, my sister and I would drive to the local Subway, order our veggie subs and slide the car into the driveway. It was a meaningless ritual, but one we shared for years. We opened the door, turned on the television, and watched the opening kickoff of the Dallas Cowboys game. My Mom and Dad would join in the celebration when the Cowboys scored a touchdown.

When I met my husband, I developed a fondness for basketball. He introduced me to March Madness bracket phenomena. College basketball brackets evolved into following NBA basketball. Watching the NBA finals was a must because my husband is such a fan of the game.

Last night the Dallas Mavericks won their first NBA final in franchise history. I turned to my husband and asked him, “How could you not watch the game?” It is more than about people shooting buckets into the white thread and screaming two points. It really is about validation. I believe players demonstrate what it takes to perservere. And if you really want something you can attain it. One particular player really made an impression on me. The Dallas Maverick’s point guard, Jason Kidd, one of the oldest players in the league, at age thirty eight won his first championship. His tenure in the league hovers around seventeen years and losing two previous NBA Final series. After playing for three different teams, he finally won a championship. As I watched his press conference after the game, I thought about all of the times he probably wanted to quit. The voices in head probably told him, “Your too old. Your not good enough. There is no way your team can move through 102 games this season and secure a win. Give up. Don’t finish.” But what his win symbolizes is that you can work hard. And it can mean something. That perhaps you won’t be able to get the ultimate win this year or the next or even in the next ten years, but that it can happen.

How many times have we said, “we won’t or we can’t or this is too hard?” I know my mind repeats those words everyday, especially when I come to the blank page. But watching a sports team that can conquer doubt and rooting for individual players who have perservered offers a whisper of hope. That you can obtian that goal. That even if you have failed a 100 times, on the 101st  try, you might obtain success.

There is the yelling, screaming, the rooting for players. There are winners and losers. But there is also the persistence of the human spirit. And how can you not love that about sports?