Last night I wasn’t in a great mood. My mind swirled with thoughts of the day’s events and a large part of me was really irritated. I admit I didn’t have anything substantial to be upset about, but still felt the need to feel sorry for myself. I’m a restless spirit that is always thinking. And I’m quite impatient with myself. If things channel out of the regular course, my spirit feels bruised.

I had one of those moments where a few words led to another with my husband which led to an argument. I know. Not a perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day Eve. We both went to sleep, my mind still churning on the words that were exchanged. In the morning, my husband left for work and gave me a kiss goodbye. I still carried my ill mood from last night over into the morning, clearly unable to let go of my feelings. The morning progressed, my mind trying to get my daughter ready for school and getting that much needed coffee for myself. As I entered into the kitchen, my husband had two Valentine Day cards propped up on the kitchen table, one for me and my daughter. At that point, I still wasn’t ready to embrace a better attitude about things.

The morning carried on as usual with a drop off at my daughter’s school and running errands. In between all of the routine, I did speak with my husband on the telephone. I tried to explain my behavior and why I felt justified in my anger. As I was talking, I realized I was wrong. I overreacted last night and I apologized. All was right in the marriage world again.

I realized that today will be my seventeenth Valentine’s with my husband. I still believe it is just a commercial holiday, a chance for florists, jewelers, and Hallmark to make some really easy cash. I’m content and happy spending the day with my loved ones, just having the priviliege of participating in life. I’m reminded, though, why I married my husband. He always has a way of elevating and enriching my life in unexpected ways. As I talked with him today, he directed me to watch Neil Pasricha’s TED Talk on The Three A’s of Awesome I recommend you watch it.

After watching this video, I understood last night’s mood stemmed from wallowing in the wrong attitude. I think we all have those moments where we know we need to revise our attitude, but aren’t quite certain how to do it. It helps having someone to remind you. I thank my husband for giving me that gift.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours.


What is your view of Valentine’s Day? Do you celebrate it? How do you think attitude makes a difference in your life? Do you believe it is something you have the discipline to control? Or do you need reminders?

Image by thepinkpeppercorn