Sometimes everyone should spray paint their hair pink.  My daughter loves the color pink, everything from pink pajamas to cotton candy.   I think she would eat pink if she could. While we were at the school carnival this weekend, she ran to the booth to get her hair painted pink. There was no hesitation and certainly no worry about how massive amounts of pink would come out of her hair.  She was so happy she couldn’t even get the words out when she saw her new pink hairdo in the mirror.

          She wanted me to spray paint my hair too. I told her I was too old to get my hair painted pink. I told her only kids get their hair painted pink.  Her attention was diverted to something else and she forgot about trying to convince me to get pink hair.

           I thought to myself, I wouldn’t even go brunette or get brown highlights. Pink would be completely out of the question even though it would be for fun.  As adults, we hesitate, we think, we pontificate, we list pro’s and con’s, we solicit advice and then we still don’t take a risk. We condition ourselves to stay static, to say that things are good as they are.  We are too afraid of change.

          I wonder how many opportunities we don’t take because we are too afraid.  If you are not trying anything new, how much are you getting out of your life?  You don’t necessarily have to take huge risks. You can start out small – pick a new ice cream flavor, change the way you part your hair, or try a new restaurant. You may not like the risk you take, but there is also an equal chance you may love the decision you made. It isn’t a life worth living, if you just do the same thing everyday.

         I know it is scary. I know everyone is a little afraid of going pink, but sometimes it might bring you joy you didn’t expect to find.